About The Broadcast Network For Indie Artist

The independent band, Cutting Edge formed Broadcast Network For Indie Artists (BN4IA) in April 2012.  The company is a broadcasting network for radio and music video that is aired by over 500 terrestrial radio stations, internet and by satellite throughout the world.  The purpose of the BN4IA network is to give independent recording artist a level playing field when it comes to getting their songs on radio and television stations around the world. 

The advantages for independent recording artists to have their music on BN4IA Radio include: 

1)        BN4IA is now broadcasting over 500 U.S. and international terrestrial radio stations in the U.S and international market. Utilizing Barix, we can now monitor the number of stations playing the music of our network on a 24/7 basis.  Since May 19, 2012, we have expanded the number of stations from 200 stations in May to over 500 stations according to the latest Barix report at the end of June.

2)         BN4IA also broadcasts by satellite to over 20 million homes and businesses in North America and Central America. BN4IA is preparing to expand its satellite broadcasting to Europe and the Middle East in August, reaching over 200 million homes and business.

3)         Cell phones can now receive the broadcast of the BN4IA over the air with shoutcast.  In February 2012, cellular subscriptions exceed 6 billion worldwide with China and India accounting for 30% of the growth.  Japan and U.S are also among the leaders in cell phone usage.  What a great way to market music around the world through our radio network.  

4)         Finally, anyone with a computer can receive the programming by simply logging onto our site and listening to the live feed.  Don’t forget, other internet radio stations are also beginning including http://usatodayradio.com and http://xboxradionetwork.com

Finally, when Cutting Edge structured BN4IA, we knew that it was difficult to find music of their favorite recording artists on BN4IA.  We have started the BN4IA Music Store, where you can go and explore your favorite recording artists that are being played on BN4IA.  The store offers each recording artists their own page with a bio, two photos and the albums they have for sale.  Also, visitors to the BN4IA Music Store can find a list of the recording artist social network sites, their webpage and can even email the recording artist from the fan page.  Best yet, a listing of all their single songs and/or albums, which can be downloaded for only 99 cents per single song and $10 per album.

The best part of BN4IA is the listener determines who gets the most airplay on the various BN4IA programs.  Each time a listener emails a song request, the recording artist receives 1 point; 2 points if a listener visits their page site at the Music Store, 4 points if a single song is sold and 10 points if an album is sold.  At BN4IA, the listeners truly decide the music that is heard.  Through BN4IA, the potential to have your music heard has never before had this potential and the best part, BN4IA only plays independent artists.  What a novel idea.





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