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How Recording Artists Get Paid

Everyone in the band, Cutting Edge and those involved with BN4IA have spent considerable time trying to find ways to make a profit for our radio network and the recording artists that receive radio airplay.  We do not pay performance fees (ASCAP/BMI/SEASAC) and when recording artists submit music to BN4IA, they acknowledge that they WAIVE ALL PERFORMANCE FEES.   Please remember, when you submit music to BN4IA, you are waiving your rights for performance fees. 

It was difficult trying to find a solution to create a profit for BN4IA and the recording artists that was fair, while having a lot of fun and exposing indie music to fans around the world.  Every idea we came up with had its’ detractors and it was a very hard process.  What made it even more difficult was we were wearing two hats in our thinking; one as a recording artist (Cutting Edge) and the other as a radio network.  In the end, we came up with what we feel is a good solution, one that at this time is best for both worlds, recording artists and the radio network.  We will be utilizing this method of creating money for the recording artist until we are able to come up with a better solution.  If you are not satisfied with our method of creating a profit for recording artists, please do not submit your material. 

Here are the three different ways recording artists can make money on the BN4IA: 

1)            Each month, 10% of all advertising profits will be going into a special account for the purpose of dividing those funds among the artist that receive airplay rotation on BN4IA.  These funds are only for recording artists who have or had a song in rotation.  At the end of the year, the funds will be divided and paid out for each song that has received radio airplay.  The process is based upon songs, not the number of spins a song receives, as we want to keep it as simple. If you submit a song and it does NOT get into airplay rotation, then you will not be paid.  Again, recording artists are paid on a per song basis and these funds will be paid out at the end of the year (December 1).  Since we did not begin our broadcasting until May 19, 2012, the funds paid out this year will begin on that date.

2)            If you have a recording artist sponsor who is backing your concert tour or other activities of the recording artist and the sponsor decides they want to advertise your music on the BN4IA to help promote you, we will pay you 10% of the promotion package the sponsor buys.  If you are a DJ who is spinning at a club or have a mix show and a sponsor helps promote your show, again, you will receive 10% of the promotional budget that the sponsor pays the station.  Many sponsors promote their product line over radio in coordination with recording artists, and like other radio stations, we will do the same except in our case, the recording artist they are sponsoring should also receive a profit.   It is only fair.

3)            The BN4IA Download Music Store is a final way a recording artist can make money with BN4IA .  People who listen to the radio program or watch the video channel on the BN4IA can simply go to the website of the BN4IA and go to the music store and the artist page of the recording artist they like and purchase the music.  It is simple, easy and we use Paypal.  Funds are paid out every quarter on March 30, June 30, September 20, and on December 30.  BN4IA pays the recording 80% after all Paypal expenses.  Make sure you check out the submission page and when submitting a song, upload all the requested info so the fans can enjoy your artist page.







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