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Song Submission and Radio Airplay

The band, Cutting Edge formed the Broadcast Network for Indie Artist (BN4IA) to help promote the music of indie artist around the world. We are very happy to receive songs for consideration for airplay on our radio network. There are three important items each recording artist must remember prior to submitting a song to BN4IA.

1) We only accept music in the genre of Rock, CHR (Pop), R&B, AC, and Dance. We DO NOT accept Rap, Hip Hop, Country or Heavy Metal.

2) We DO NOT accept any music that has foul language or derogatory toward any race, religion or sex.

3) We DO NOT PAY PERFORMANCE FEES to ASCAP, BMI or SEASAC or any other performance organization. By submitting a song to us, you acknowledge that you are waiving these fees and we have no obligation to pay them.

Artist MUST meet the following requirements for submitting a song to BN4IA for airplay consideration:

1) All submissions must be MASTERED and ready for airplay

2) AACs and MP3s ONLY

3) Tracks must be encoded at 320 kbps

4) Tracks cannot be any longer than 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

5) Tracks must be tagged with “(Name of Artist)” - “(Name of song)” in the file’s name.

6) All song submissions must also include:

  • Band biography no longer than 500 words (submitted at the time of registration).
  • Two band photos, (jpg, gif, png, etc., maximum size: 700 x 700 px @72dpi).
  • One cover art photo or band logo, (maximum size: 400 x 400 px @72 dpi

Once an artist submits a song:
Once an artist submits a song, it is screened and a decision is made whether the song will go immediately into Rotation or Non-Rotation status. If your song does not immediately make rotation, it can still move from Non-Rotation to Rotation. Rotation is when a song is receiving radio airplay at BN4IA. We have four categories for the airplay a song receives.

Hot Rotation:
A song receives 8 spins per 24 hour period; once every 3 hours. Only 6 songs are allowed in Hot Rotation per week.

Heavy Rotation:
A song receives 6 spins per 24 hour period; once every 4 hours. 20 songs are allocated for the Heavy Rotation per week.

Medium Rotation:
A song receives 4 spins per 24 hour period; once every 6 hours. 15 songs are allocated for the Medium Rotation per week.

Light Rotation:
A song receives 2 spins per 24 hour period; once every 12 hours. We will attempt to have 30 songs in Light Rotation per week.

Non-Rotation means songs that are available for Rotation, but are not yet in Rotation. When a song is in Non-Rotation means that it is available for airplay from any DJ who wishes to play the song. If a song that is not in Rotation receives radio airplay and there is a good response from the listening audience then depending on how many points the song receives, the song can make Rotation. The better response from the listeners, the more the song will move up in Rotation. Also, 18 hours a day is reserved for songs in Rotation, so depending on the day of the week, there are 3-6 hours a day for song airplay for songs not in Rotation. We also have a program that is played twice a week for songs not in the Rotation Category. So, there are plenty of opportunities to receive radio airplay on the BN4IA. It is important to note that we do receive a heavy amount of songs per week and we cannot play everything, but we will try our best to see to it that at least every song gets a chance to receive airplay.

The radio airplay a song receives on the BN4IA is based on the listeners to the BN4IA.
Our site promotes the listening audience participation in determining how much radio airplay a song receives. Each recording artist has a page in our store that has a biography of the band, two photos and the various albums and singles of the band. The point system is simple:

1) Each time a listener does a song request, that recording artist will receive 1 point.

2) Each time a listener comes to the BN4IA site and checks out the music of an artist(s), that artist receives 2 points. So the more fans and listeners hits a page, the more points the artist receives.

3) Each time a song is downloaded from the BN4IA store, the band receives 4 points.

4) Each time a listener downloads a full CD album from the BN4IA store, the artist receives 10 points.

The more singles and albums an artist sells at our store site, combined with the number of hits the page receives will determine the amount of radio airplay your song(s) receive. If the response to your music is really good, it is possible to even hit the Hot Rotation. Radio play will be determined by the listeners of the radio network.

There are several ways to help promote your music over the BR4IA and every recording artist should be pro-active in promoting their music:

1) If you have a website, link the BN4IA to your website so your fans can find the radio station, listen to your music and explore your Artist Page.

2) Also besides the above, a second link directly to your Artist Page so your fans can find your music and if they like, buy it.

3) Your email link will be on your Artist Page, make sure to respond to your fans and interact with them.

4) On your Facebook page (if you have one) and all other sites, put the link to your fan page. Also, keep blogging on all your sites that you are receiving radio airplay at BN4IA.

5) Different advertising plans are available to promote your music on BN4IA if you desire to advertise. There is no requirement to advertise on BN4IA, but it is available if you choose to promote your song and band. Check out advertising (bands) on our site.

It is really a simple process, fun and the best part is you are developing fans and have an honest and real idea of what music fans worldwide feel about your music!







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