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Meet the BN4IA Staff:









David Pesnell, CEO and President

Has an extensive background in the entertainment industry, from promoting concerts to running his own record label (Thunder Quest Records), publishing company (Magenta Rose Publishing) and lead vocalist for his band, Cutting Edge.  Oversees all business operations for Broadcast Network For Indie Artist.









Jeffrey Beals, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs

A former partner of the William Morris Agency oversees the company’s every business planning with outside sources, including management firms, booking agencies and concert promotion companies.









Jimmy Fassler, Senior Vice-President, Radio and Programming

Has a background as musician, producer and re-mixer, with several hit singles.  Handles all programming for the radio network, including working with DJs, and special shows and programming.  Coordinates activities with the Music Video Department, BN4IA store and Advertising Department.









Aya Chisato, Senior Vice-President, Asia Operations

Oversees all company business operations in Japan and Asia working with various recording artists and record labels exposing their talent to the work through BN4IA.  Also works with Magenta Rose Publishing and Thunder Quest Records in exposing Asian recording artists to the international market.









Mike "Thunder" Pennino, Director of EDM Operations - New York

A successful remixer / producer with many hit dance singles. Mike has also been a major fixture on the danceclub and bar scene since the mid 1980's, ripping the roof off with his signature mixing style. Coordinates DJs, activities and live EDM programming for the Weekend Dance Party.









Takara Fujita, Director of Marketing and Promotions

Takara works directly with various internet and satellite radio stations in the U.S., Canada and around the world in securing airplay for the record companies recording artist. Coordinates these activities with the company office in Japan to incorporate these releases into social networks and update recording artist profiles.









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