Katelyn McCarter
With vocal talent comparable to singers such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, Katelyn has a rarely found ability to sing with an awe-inspiring power and strength while maintaining a captivating delicacy that pulls at the emotions of the listener. Always working to improve her natural gifts, Katelyn constantly keeps up with her music studies, having trained operatically in school. When you watch her perform, it is clear that Katelyn is meant to bring music to people and share her gift with the world. Her songs are injected with the propelling inspiration she finds through God, illustrating insightful perspectives developed through her rich experiences in life, causing her music to be both enjoyable and easy for listeners to relate to.

Katelyn is much more than her stunning, unforgettable voice. This beautiful vocal talent is an active member of her community, staying involved with ministry work and committing time to volunteer when she is able. Her selfless efforts stem from her desire to serve God every day, both through her music and in her daily life activities. Katelyn dreams of finding success as a musician as a means of sharing her passion with others, always staying true to herself, remaining humbled by her blessings and inspiring others to find their joy and peace through God.





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