Eliel Arrey
Eliel Arrey, born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa, is one of the rising figures in the electronic/dance music scene. Prior to releasing his own mixes, Eliel Arrey started as Dj in Dallas, TX. doing small shows and parties for his Church's youth group. Those days as a Dj really laid down the framework for Eliel Arrey as a producers of Electronic music today. The happy, melodic, and upbeat dance vibes are very consistent in all his musical pieces. Eliel Arrey does not like to think of himself as an artist but as a Dj. He states that all his songs are "mixed in the way that he would mix them if he were performing live." Unlike most other electronic productions out there today, those of Eliel Arrey have been characterized with unique instrumental sounds and harmonies. Eliel Arrey's is noted for his unconventional use of guitars, organs, flutes, trumpets, horns, and saxophones in a variety of his productions. He has attributed this style of Electronic production to his background as a child growing up in West Africa. He comes from a home of gifted singers, not popular to the Western world of entertainment but well recognized among Cameroonians.