Daze of Dawn
Daze of Dawn is a ROCK POWER TRIO based in Valencia, Spain with a Canadian singer and a bad-ass keyboard player on the side. It is superb, original music with funky grooves of rock, grunge, metal, folk-rock and blues that hits you like a raging tsunami, only to soothe you like your mother's milk.

Grand Prize Winners of Sona La Dipu Pop-Rock contest 2012.

Daze of Dawn have been stunning audiences for over a decade with their legendary live shows and breath of originality. Formed on Canadian front-man Klyde‚s arrival in Spain in 2001 after some years living and performing in Japan, DOD have toured throughout Spain, and Europe and continue to take over the world one audience at a time.

Daze of Dawn´s lively arrangements, subtle details and continued growth on their 4 previous releases - Shinjuku In June (2001), Puppet Heads (2003), Drug Testing (2006) and Yeti Nation (2008) - have won the band continuous accolades from the media and critics alike, including gaining them spots in major international festivals (Festimad, Viñarock) and national Spanish radio (RNE3) and television (TVE Los conciertos de Radio 3). Most recently DOD were finalists in MTV Winter Valencia 2011 and grand prize winners of Sona La Dipu 2012, a major Spanish rock contest. The grand prize is a full-length album recording and a festival tour for 2013. The new album SOFA KING COOL, recorded by Pau Chafer at RC Estudios and mixed/mastered by Manu Tomás, contains 14 masterfully written and produced songs of long-awaited new music by this excellent original band.





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