Cosmic Punch
Cosmic Punch Clay pit road release date May 3 2013 

you can hear thick, colorful bass lines that synchronize with a heavy yet melodic guitar sound with some great harmonies creating a loud sound. Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez in the Mango, Florida area, the rest of CD (Drums, etc.) was recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Featuring Ryan Michalski on vocals, coupled with Juan Gonzalez, they make up Cosmic Punch, quintessential psychedelia rock music for the modern era

Cosmic Punch‘s enticing fusion of genres has been called “neo-psychedelia” and the band’s abstract reach with some heavy rock influences and an natural grooves to drift towards modern day psychedelia with its accessible lyrics on every song, it is a mind-expanding sound throughout the entire CD. The duo grew up listening classic rock, surf rock, grunge rock, alternative rock and anything with psychedelic melodies! The CD has something for all music fans with its hints of grunge, much like Tripping Daisy’s sound back in that early 90s era. And then add to it some heavy guitars, incredible harmonies, with a surf rock vibe and you get what is a big sounding psych band with some unique touches in every song, that should keep the band around for many albums and for a long music career.

Overall, Cosmic Punch’s is a colorful collaboration by musicians Ryan Michalski and Juan “Punch” Gonzalez