In No End
TEarly history began at 2004 when Kuss met Evgeny Valiev (John Hack) and they decided, "Let's see if we can make a band in six days." First material was numerous home recorded tracks of Kuss. The name InNoEnd was soon created by Kuss, who also shared this creation of the band's name with John. The style was something alternative-industrial. It consisted of two live heavy guitars (Kuss, John), under electronic lining and live vocals. The idea was to do everything outside of the box. The sound was unusual music with the same pitch and external style. Their identity consisted of having wide pants, masks, painted hands and hair and aggressive behavior on stage.

The guys were then given several concerts and decided to make a full live band. After several gigs people started talking frequently to Kuss and John that their vocal is better,so they decided to change both vocalists. They discovered Denis («Srawl»). More backing vocals were overtaken by Kuss and John.

Around the middle of 2007 musicians couldn‚t get along together. So that was the first of a long decay.

In 2008-2010 Kuss and John continued to play in a side-projects. And at last in 2011 they decided to continue their journey in music. And now it was InNoEnd's time. InNoEnd {SECOND RENAISSANCE} now had a new staff, concept, idea of image and approach to work.

They began recording the first demo songs and searching for other members of the band. On bass guitar they invited Fidan Galaev (Fidan Fea Flor). Then found a drummer in Ramis Gizzatullin (Robin Stone).The repetitions have begun. Soon material was ready, but they again faced the problem with vocalist and he was replaced by Ilya Dumchev („Last Ignored‰), who previously had played with Fidan. They recorded three studio demo tracks. And released at EP 2011 with tracks: "Sky," "Fake," "My coma".

The new InNoEnd pleased listeners and once again proved its ability to tear new patterns, stereotypes and concert venues. "This is what we wanted to prove to ourselves and we will continue" say Kuss and John.

Then they filmed their first video clip. It was a cover-song for "Voodoo People" by Prodigy. But soon enough they approved the decision to sing themselves. Idea was to make Rock-boys band.

The latest member to join the band was Ilnar Shakirov (LovelyRabbit), who took up the role of Dj and concert sound engineer, who then become bass guitarist.

After certain changes, band performed several shows and got new fans. Also took part in nationwide music competitions, winning a big one in St. Petersburg, which got a bands song "Sky" published on compilation CD. After that band was acknowledged as nation's one of the top 5 alternative rock bands.

In the fall of 2012 recorded a long-awaited debut album "Second Renaissance".

Now band try their best to leave a trace in the history Rock music!