Gary Skankey

Gary has been writing music for over 40 years. He was in grade school when the Beatles became popular. While listening to his first Beatles album, he said to himself, „I can do that‰. And so it started. His focus was on pop and rock and roll. In the 80‚s he played drums and keyboards, and was the principle songwriter for a band that included his brother and sister-in-law. The band, Ariel, caught the attention of ATCO records, but, unfortunately, nothing panned out. Members of the band eventually went their separate ways, but Gary kept writing.

In recent years he broadened his horizons by writing country music. His country songs are on par with what the pros in Nashville are writing as he has signed single-song contracts for four of his country songs with Simply Grand Music in Memphis, Tennessee.

Still, he loves writing pop, rock, and adult contemporary. He records his songs at his home studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Besides songwriting, he has dabbled in electronic instrumentals pitched to film, tv and advertising.

Currently, his busy day job (physician) forces him to work alone whenever he can get the time. He writes alone, both lyrics and music, and records alone. He hopes that getting his songs in the public ear will open doors to collaborations.