Shelby Garrett
Shelby Garrett allows listeners to be enveloped into the storylines of her songs.

If you are looking for beauty in music and peace in your life, go no further than Shelby Garre
tt‚s world.  Shelby has been writing beautiful music since she can remember but stopped at the age of 10.  Ten years later, she resurrected that sleeping talent and began the process all over again.  What came out of her this time was an evolution in sound, acquired wisdom and the ability to express her inner beauty through external avenues.

Shelby Garrett is proud to announce the release of her debut CD "Some Sad, Some Glad" with single "Sing" leading the way.  What a grand introduction to this fabulous menagerie of songs than this one song.  "Sing" is the force that you focus on through the good and the challenging in life.  It also sums up the totality of what Shelby aspires herself to be as it is an extraordinary self-expressive piece.  It has an incredible catchy melody and a solid hook.  You will find yourself singing this song without even understand why.   All you know is that it brings balance into your daily routine.  The lyrics and the musical arrangement that enhances the meaning of these words is precision perfect.

"Some Sad, Some Glad" includes a plethora of meaningful, tender, pop/folk music that is heartfelt and inspirational.  
Allowing yourself to be free to experience her music is the best thing human beings can do for themselves.

"Some Sad, Some Glad" is available at most digital storefronts.

Shelby Garrett has opened for local bands in Knoxville and from Bryan Collage The Suite C, Little Foxes and Brock‚s Folly.  Bryan College's newspaper The Triangle has named Shelby as one of the school‚s talented artists.  "One of the most difficult and worthy attempts is to say lofty things with simple language.  I hope to make it a lifelong endeavor", states Shelby.  
We all hope so too.

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