The unsigned JaFeezie is a Texas rap artist that has a new sound > that is very sweet. This sexy rapper has some smooth lyrics to his rap > music that anyone can appreciate. If you like old school rap, he has that > sound totally down. He also has some new skills, from the sounds of it. It > is not easy to find new music that is so good right from the start, but > this guy has some serious skills that you probably won't find anywhere > else. Talk about originality in both lyrics and use of sound. You can feel > his personality through his music, spilling out for the world to see. > Releasing two albums thus far independently "HUSTLE OR DIE (2006) and BIRTH > OF A LEGEND (2010) He's back with his fresh new single What's Good which > promises to be a big hit after its release . JaFeezie began his career at > the young age of 8, when he would perform for family, friends and for small > gigs. He has continued and it looks like it will be a prosperous career. > "Everybody's life has love, hate and pain in it," Jafeezie said. "Making > music is my way of dealing with it, growing from it, and moving on. > As a result of his turbulent youth, JaFeezie says this made him turn away > from his peers and from his parents to where he found his true talent: > rapping.JaFeezie gladly accepts phone calls from fans and emails.