All of One
Paul Grenier (aka All of One) has to released his second EP "The Writing on the Wall"

Paul Grenier is a singer/songwriter from Port Colborne, Ontario.  He has been writing for as long as he can remember and cannot seem to nor does he want to stop.  He put together a compilation of songs which have been placed on the back burner of his life while he continued writing and playing rock music.  Someday those songs would re-surface when the time is exactly right.

It seems that Paul took the step to uncover these heartfelt songs and is now getting ready to release them for the universe to hear and experience.  The title of the EP is  "The Writing on the Wall" which carries a lead single with the same title.  It is about love, relationships, family and the journey that goes with it, whether it be good or bad.  These types of events are the kind that shape the future of your life and everything you do.  The song "The Writing on the Wall" is a ballad with much introspective thought and analysis. It provokes audiences to dig deep into their own souls and examine their own relationships.  Paul Grenier's music fills audience members with images and experiences.   This single is also representative of the overall sound that Paul delivers.   The lyrical content and the musical arrangements may sometimes include piano and cello giving his songs a full-bodied sound.  The story lines are touching with a melody that reflects the feeling of the project itself.  The soothing acoustic feel of these songs are a welcoming change from what is available on the airwaves.  It has taken a long time to put this EP together and coming to fruition, it holds a special place in his heart.

Paul Grenier had a single in small rotation in Ontario Canada from when he was in high school and toured an EP on the back of it at that time.  He sold 5000 copies of the album "Cuscus" with the band Kottmeier .  Paul is looking to spread his music and is hoping to plan a tour to promote this new EP.

"The Writings on the Wall" was released in its digital format on December 12, 2012 and will be followed by it's physical release in early 2013.