Taylen is a hot new Teen-Pop artist emerging out of Sydney, Australia. With her fun free music and lyrical focus, her music has already been compared to Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj (for her fusion of Hip-hop and Pop.) Now with her new EP ‘Masque’ nearing its release, Taylen moves another step forward to giving back to her community and becoming an international pop sensation. At just sixteen years old, this is all a true fairy tale in the making. 

Her new four song EP ‘Masque’ includes the tracks ‘All the Way,’ ‘Drive,’ ‘Runaway’ and ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’ All four songs showcase her songwriting abilities with lyrics and themes that reflect on who she is and the moments in her everyday life that most teenagers around the world can relate to. “These songs are all about doing something you normally wouldn't want to do, to just let go of who you are and have fun!” says Taylen. The title of the new EP is a metaphor for Taylens’ journey through the entire creative process, finding her buried confidence and emotion, and eventually ripping off her ‘Masque’ and ending a struggle to become the performer she was destined to be. 

Taylen likes to describe her own music as fun, youthful and appealing to all ages. She credits Actress/Pop singer Miley Cyrus and Pop sensation Katy Perry as two influential role models. “Miley was this young teen star in Hollywood who was able to stay out of trouble at a time when her contemporaries were making headlines in all the wrong ways. I found it inspiring that you can be in the spotlight while maintaining a sense of decency and wholesomeness. Some people might say that I’m a goody-goody, but I don’t mind that. I’d rather be known for doing good things than doing bad things...and I just LOVE Katy Perry!” 

Apart from singing and performing, Taylen hopes that her music will provide a new means to give back to her community. “I would like to give back to my school for teaching me all that I know,” she says, in addition to wanting to give back to other charitable organizations close to her heart such as The National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Taylen is currently in Hollywood recording her new four song EP, which will be released individually as singles this Fall. She is also teaming up with a successful Los Angeles based production company to produce a music video for the track ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’ 

Taylen has plans to perform on bigger stages and has her eye set on moving to Los Angeles to further promote and establish her career as an artist. 

“I would love to box up all my stuff right this second and move to LA tonight, but I still have to finish high school. That’s pretty important!” Taylen also knows that, with God on her side, anything is possible for her to achieve her goals and make her dreams come true. “Everyone has dreams and goals,” she states. “I am just going for mine to the extreme!”