The new sound of crossover Canadiana all began with an unplanned accidental meeting, by chance, when Emily met Brian, and Brian met Christophe by chance, and together met Nick by chance, and as it snowballed into this glorious menagerie of individuals with talents to share amongst them, the music was a natural extension of this united front.    

Their debut self-titled CD was an instant hit.  It included the single "King of Fools." which is one of their fan favorites. Now with their latest project "Rain" set to hit the market by September 2012, there is nothing stopping them from going all the way.  They have hit a nerve in audiences everywhere with their great music reflecting their personalities and their talents with great voluminous picturesque delivery through sound.

Happenstance has pre-released their new single "Gone Baby Gone" as a taste of what is to come.  

The theme is the empowering for women that it is not just a dream to be able to stand up for themselves and take action.  It is an electrifying song with powerful harmonious vocals.  It has catchy verses and is a great song to sing along to.  It is also representative as to the quality of their body of work and a testament to their talents as musicians.  Every member of this band has lent a hand in creating the full bodied sound that this group creates.

Happenstance's music runs the gamut from tragic (Fall and Crash) to empowerment (Jackie Woke Up) to whimsical (What would Dorothy do?, Marshmallow ice cream) and everything in between.  The beauty is from concept to reality and watching the initial thought process morph into a glorious song that makes you think, feel and sing along.  Their music crosses all genres and all ages.

Happenstance was Winners of LME showcase in 2011 and Underworld in 2012.  They are very proud to have received critiques from music industry execs stating that they fall into the cracks between pop/country/folk/rock.  "We wear it as a badge of honor that we follow our own path and our own sound."

Here's what some folks have been saying about Happenstance:

Josh Trager (music publicist): "blew my mind"

Rob Lanni (Coalition music): "great songs, great vocals"

Lance Ryan (Supernova): "the album is amazing"

Kevin Marks (musician): "one of my favourite albums!"

Glen Robinson (producer - Tea Party): "A home run!"