The Kathryn Wheel

THE KATHRYN WHEEL is a Cheshire, UK indie-pop band, writing and performing original material.
THE KATHRYN WHEEL were formed late 2009, when songwriters Peter Woodcock and Geoff Peach got together with vocalist Sarah K.
The band immediately started working on the songs that would form the foundation for their debut Album: 'It's Only Life!', and were soon out on the road performing live across the North West UK area to extremely positive audience response, which also saw the band attracting Local Radio interest.
2010 & 2011 saw THE KATHRYN WHEEL continuing to work hard, performing live across the UK, and participating in a number of Outdoor Festivals across the Summer, attracting an ever growing fanbase, as well as continuing exposure on Internet Radio both in the UK and America.
Blue Records in LA, California recently added THE KATHRYN WHEEL to their roster of talent
in a music and promotion deal, which saw the band being promoted through their Media Promotion arm; Live Stage, along with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, U2, Linkin' Park and Bruce Springsteen...

THE KATHRYN WHEEL's debut Album: 'It's Only Life', was released on May 20th 2012, and is available to download NOW





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