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Promotion Services

Over the years, our band Cutting Edge has been successful in securing radio airplay at internet, commercial and college radio stations in the U.S. and around the world.  Last July, Cutting Edge became the first indie band in history to debut two songs inside the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart the same week, with the rock song “If the Walls Could Talk” staying on the chart for 7 weeks and peaking at #11 and the love ballad “Without You” stayed on the chart for 8 weeks and peaked at #7.  At one time, the songs were #1 and #2 on the internet radio charts. 

CUTTING EDGE Hits Billboards Top-20 Singles Sales Chart - Makes Indie History!

Thru our record label, Thunder Quest Records and outside firms we contract with, we have the ability to help recording artist secure airplay at commercial radio stations in the U.S., Europe and Australia.  These are radio stations not associated with Broadcast Network For Indie Artist.  While the NB4IA is great for breaking artist and helping them get exposure around the world, the recording artist has to decide if they want to take the next step and secure other radio stations outside our network or if they are satisfied with just the airplay they get on NB4IA. This is a decision the recording artist needs to make.  Besides having your music on our site, we can also help you get your songs and/or albums on other sites such as iTunes, Juno, and several others.  So with this in mind, here are the various packages we offer to recording artists:

Package 1:  Internet Radio Stations

Package 2:  Commercial Radio Stations

Package 3:  College Radio Stations

Package 4:  Mix Shows

Package 5:  Europe

Package 6:  Australia

Package 7:  Setting Up Distribution

Package 8:  Press Release

One thing every recording artist knows or must know when it comes to promoting your songs to other radio stations is that most stations are top-heavy with recording artist from major labels and it is very difficult if not impossible to get the larger radio networks to play indie music.  Further, there can be no guarantee on how a radio station is going to think about your music and if you will receive a large amount of radio airplay or none.  It is also very hard to forecast how the listeners will accept your music and if it will create sales.  There are no guarantees and many bands end up chasing broken dreams.  We also will only accept music for promotion that we feel will have a valid chance of succeeding. 

There are services available from various companies that are less expensive, but we find that the above is the best way to go, as besides our staff at Thunder Quest Records, we hire 1-2 more radio promotion companies to help promote the songs.

We believe that having airplay on BN4IA combined with Packages 1 and 7 s a good starting point for most bands, but when it comes to commercial radio stations in the U.S., it can get very expensive and unless you really believe in a song, it is best not to spend the dollars promoting it.  If you do decide to spend a large amount of money on radio promotion in the U.S. or other international markets, we recommend that you set up proper distribution so listeners outside the BN4IA can find your music.  Listeners of our network know that they can buy your music at our music store, but listeners who do not listen to BN4IA will not., so most listeners will check out iTunes, Amazon, Juno and other sites for your music.  Package 7 will set this up for them.

Finally, when promoting your music, whether it is only on BN4IA or other promotions, you need to be pro-active in promoting your songs.  Link your website to the radio station and do a second link to your artist page on our site so fans can hear your song, read about your band and purchase your music. Let your fans and friends on Facebook and Myspace about where to find your artist page on BN4IA and finally, let local newspapers (city, college and high school) know about you receiving radio airplay and where to find your music and do not forget to let the clubs in your area know, it will only increase your opportunities to play live.







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