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Corporate Advertising

Network Broadcasting for Indie Artist was set up by the indie band, Cutting Edge to broadcast music by indie artist around the world.  The network is designed to appeal to an international market with a music interest in rock, pop (CHR-Top40), AC and R&B format.  Our network is worldwide and not just in the U.S., so please keep this in mind as you plan your advertising campaign; your campaign in reaching a world of music listeners. 

The best products and/or services to advertise over our radio network are entertainment related type of products in the entertainment field or communications, including music, movies, cell phones, computers, etc.  We are very selective when it comes to who advertises over BN4IA and we do not accept all advertising.

We also offer sponsorship in which the advertiser is listed as the sponsor for the next hour worth of programming, in which at the beginning of the hour we state the sponsor’s name and that they are “the sponsor the next hour’s worth of programming”.  At the end of the hour we thank the sponsor for sponsoring the music during the hour and also announce the sponsor’s sponsorship twice during the hour.  Sponsor can also select a few of the songs from the BN4IA library for airplay or request two different music genres played during the sponsored hour. 

As we develop Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening shows for the BN4IA, all shows are also open for sponsorship, but since these will be a mixture of live performances and dance mixes, the sponsor will only be tagged at the beginning and end of the program. 

We ask advertisers that if they need a music bed for their commercial to please check out the various music on BN4IA and give the indie artist a chance to supply the music bed.  If you choose to use one of the songs in the library of BN4IA, we give you one free advertising spot for every 5 spots your run.  So if you run your ad 5 times, you will get 1 free ad.  If you run your ad 10, you will receive 2 free ads.  Utilizing the music from BN4IA is not required for advertising; we just want every opportunity possible to promote indie music. 

Finally, if as an advertiser on BN4IA, there are a lot of opportunities to take part in concert tour sponsorship in exchange for being listed as a sponsor of a particular concert or concert tour. For more information regarding concert tour sponsorship, please contact the advertising department of Broadcast Network for Indie Artist.

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